Lake Camping/Wildlife Sanctuary Area Scheduled Uses

Vehicle access to the Wildlife Sanctuary area is via the gate at the lake damn area.  Members will need their #7 backup range gate key for the lake gate lock.  All members shall lock the gate after entering and lock the gate after exiting.

The following are scheduled uses of the camping and hiking facilities in the upper parts of the lake property - the Wildlife Sanctuary area.   Please respect the use of the upper lake facilities by groups who have reserved time.  Local Boy Scout troops do use this facility from time to time for some of their nature related educational activities.   If you have questions about the use of the lake facilities, please email [email protected] with your questions.


Camping Rules:

  • If you are going to have a campfire, you must use a fire pit.  No fires may be left unattended !
  • The bathroom at the Wildlife Sanctuary is locked - use code 6500.   To relock the bathroom door after closing, press the Schlage lock symbol.
  • Clean up your camp area before leaving the RCWA property.


 Use of Boats on the Lake

RCWA members are allowed to bring small boats (john boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.) to the lake for their personal use.  They must be manually powered (paddles/oars) or electric trolling motor.  There is a rudimentary boat ramp close to the Wildlife Sanctuary area otherwise you must be prepared to launch and use your boat from a grassy shore area.  Unattended boats will be removed.

Lake Fishing Guidelines 

The lake environment is managed with periodic input from the NC Wildlife Commission folks so please do not try adding your own conservation activities.  

You do not need a NC fishing license to fish in the RCWA lake which is contained entirely on private property.

    1. Artificial trees and bushes have been added to the lake.
    2. Fish feeders have been added to supplement food intake in order to help increase size and numbers of the fish.
    3. Aerators have been added to improve the water oxygen content and reduce algae blooms in hot weather.
    4. The lake is restocked every 2 to 3 years.   In addition, batches of minnows/shiners are added periodically as food supplements for the fish.
    5. The lake has been stocked with largemouth bass, redear sunfish and bluegill.

We are asking that the following rules be observed when fishing in the lake:

    1. If you catch crappie, white bass, warmouth sunfish, or green sunfish please do not return them to the lake.
    2. All largemouth bass caught that are over 14 inches shall be returned unharmed to the lake. Please do not return any largemouth bass under 14 inches to the lake.
    3. Do Not introduce any outside fish to the lake of any kind.
    4. Do Not put any trees, tires, cinder blocks or any other items into the lake without approval by the RCWA Board.
    5. Do not discard fish or fishing tackle on the ground.



Green Sunfish

White Bass