Member News


8 Sept. 2021

As of Wed. morning 8 Sept. 2021, lightning has knocked out the range gate controller. Looks like we will be a couple days getting a new control board. So if you are going to the range the next few days, remember to carry your #7 padlock key to manually open the front gate in case it is not open.

Update:  As of Thursday morning (9 Sept.) our gate support guy has gotten a loaner board installed while the damaged board is sent off for repair.


22 Aug 2021

Range 1 (Rifle Range) will be closed from 8am thru 12 noon for some range maintenance.   Rim fire activities can use other range facilities.


24 July 2021

Reminder:  There is a Member / Board meeting scheduled for the last Tuesday in July (27 July).  Light meal at 7:00pm and meeting at 7:30pm.   See ya there !


10 July 2021

After the recent annual membership renewal process, it has been noticed that there is some confusion with some members over the range access process.   Each active member should have three range devices for access to and use of the RCWA range.  A detail explaination has been added  to the Membership page of this web site describing those three devices.  The quick version:  1) a member badge with your name on it that is replaced each year with your renewal (this member badge does not operate the range gate);  2) a gray range gate key which is used to get you in and out of the range front gate;  3) a padlock key (with a 7 stamped on it) that is used in case the front electronic gate is not operational (also gives you access to the lake via the lake gate).   Please read the more detailed info on the Membership page for further clarification .....


18 June 2021

June 29 Members Meeting is Cancelled

Due to the fact that only 2 RCWA members showed up for the May Members Meeting and the RCWA Board is busy with the annual membership renewal rush at the end of June, it was decided to hold the next RCWA Members Meeting on July 27.  Hopefully there will be more interest.


16 June 2021

Final RCWA Annual Membership Renewal Notification !!

The annual RCWA membership renewal deadline, June 30, is fast approaching. Two reminders: 1) follow the renewal instructions you have received or your renewal payment will be returned; 2) renewal must be post marked no later than June 30. RCWA range gate access will be removed on July 1 for all that have not renewed their membership. Delinquent memberships can still be renewed by August 1 with a $50 penalty fee. After August 1, any remaining unpaid membership renewals are removed from the RCWA membership list.


25 May 2021

The RCWA range lead remediation work has been completed !

All range facilities should be fully operational again. Thanks for your cooperation. The shotgun fields have been strawed but we intend to wait until early fall to reseed them. We will look at doing this again in 5 to 7 years based on feedback from the firm doing the work.


18 May 2021

RCWA Members Meetings Are Resumming - 25th May !!

The RCWA member meetings will resume on 25 May at 7:00pm in the big barn building.   There will be no food nor official program for this meeting - a chance to catch up on range activities. Might want to throw in a bag chair in case needed.


18 May 2021

RCWA Annual Membership Renewals Reminder !!

The annual RCWA range membership is well under way.  All renewal notices have been sent out and should be in the hands of the members.  Your payment must be postmarked on or prior to 30 June to avoid a late fee.  Please follow the renewal instructions.  New members badges are already in the mail for those early bird renewals.  Start using your new RCWA member badges as soon as you get them !


6 May 2021 - updated 18 May 2021

RCWA Range Lead Remediation Activities

Work began in earnest on the shotgun fields today ( 18 May 2021 ).  Shotgun fields will continue to be open during most of the lead remediation work - just certain houses not being used as they work across the fields.


RCWA periodically brings in a company that removes much of the lead that has accumulated in both the rifle/pistol bays and the shotgun fields.  RECOIL LLC arrived at the RCWA range today (Thursday, May 6th ) with their lead remediation equipment.  They will be at RCWA through the end of May and as a result some range facilities will be out of service while RECOIL LLC is remediating those facilities.  They will start on Friday May 7th working their way through bays 2 through 10 in that order.   They will tentatively start on the shotgun facilities on Thursday May 13th which will take the longest to complete.   So check with shotgun folks on what is operational during this time.  Your patience is appreciated during this process.



29 April 2021

RCWA Annual Membership Renewals !!

The RCWA range membership renewal notices are going in the mail this week.  They are going out in batches as they are prepared.   They should all be in the mail after May 1 weekend.   Keep an eye open for them and if you have not seen your renewal notice by the middle of May, please email the range at   Remember, the payment must be post marked by 30 June or you will incur penalties !



April 2021

RCWA Range Member Workday - 30 October 2021 Saturday

An opportunity to give back to your club and gun range facilities.  Spend the day or whatever time you can spare to help improve the RCWA facilities.  Dress for the weather and bring your own work items - gloves, rakes, shovels and other tools of your choice.  If you have a particular venue you use and would like to work on then let us know.



23 March 2021

It is with much sadness that we have to announce that one of the RCWA iconic members, Joe Earley, passed away on 17 March, 2021. Joe has been associated with the operation of the RCWA shotgun operations for many years as well as being an RCWA Board member for many years He enjoyed being outdoors and sharing/teaching his love of shotgunning sports. The following are the arrangement details:


June 2020

Range COVID-19 Status

The range is open to members under the following conditions:

Social distancing will be required per the CDC guidelines.

Members and guests are allowed within the guidelines of the range rules which states: “Members may bring two guests to the range who are over the age of 19.  In addition, members may also bring their children and/or grandchildren who are under the age of 19 to the range”. 

Areas of the range have not been sanitized.  Members and guests use the range at their own risk. 

Match directors will be allowed to conduct matches as long as CDC guidelines are followed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The shotgun fields will be open under normal schedule.



Nothing currently posted.