16 June 2021 - Final RCWA Annual Membership Renewal Notification !!

The annual RCWA membership renewal deadline, June 30, is fast approaching.  Two reminders: 1) follow the renewal instructions you have received or your renewal payment will be returned; 2) renewal must be post marked no later than June 30.  RCWA range gate access will be removed on July 1 for all that have not renewed their membership.  Delinquent memberships can still be renewed by August 1 with a $50 penalty fee. After August 1, any remaining unpaid membership renewals are removed from the RCWA membership list.


18 May 2021 - RCWA Annual Membership Renewals Have All Been Mailed !!

The RCWA range membership renewal notices have all been mail mailed.  If you have not seen your renewal notice by the middle of May, please email the range at   Remember, the payment must be post marked by 30 June or you will incur penalties !  Please follow the renewal instructions.   New member badges have already been sent back to those early responders.   Start using the new badges when you receive them.


--------------------     RCWA Member Range Access Processes     --------------------

All RCWA members should have two badges and a padlock key for use at the range. You will have a colored member badge, a gray gate key and a padlock key with a number 7 on it.  All three of these items must remain in the possession of the RCWA member.  You cannot "loan" them to family or friends - your range access will be pulled if someone other than you, the member, is in possession of range access items.

RCWA Member Badge
Your member badge is replaced each year when you renew your membership and typically is a new color each year. Your name is on the membership badge. You are supposed to have your membership on your person in a visible location any time you are on the RCWA range property. So if you cannot find your member badge, you will need to get a replacement ( $10 replacement fee )to use the RCWA range. You will be asked to show this badge when RCWA Board members are doing range check duties from time to time. You cannot “loan” your member badge to anyone else for their use. If there is any doubt about who is in possession of a member badge on the RCWA range, you will be asked for some picture id to verify so please do not be offended since the RCWA Board members obviously do not recognize large numbers of members. We are simply trying to ensure that those using the range are complying with the usage rules. If you are using range facilities without your member badge other than shotgun facilities when they are open to the public, you will be asked to leave until you have it with you.

RCWA Gate Key
Your RCWA electronic gate key has one function and that is to get the member into and out of the RCWA range front gate. This gate key is permanent unless lost ( $25 replacement fee ) or quits working. These gate keys are electronically activated or deactivated at the gate control unit based on the member’s range status. If annual renewal does not occur, the gate key is deactivated until any payment is resolved. Any membership suspension results in the gate key being deactivated.

If you arrive at the range and there are vehicles waiting to enter, do not let them follow you in unless they are your guest. Guests should be badged in by the RCWA member who is hosting the guest. On exit from the range, it is okay to allow any vehicles to exit with you.

Padlock Key 7
The old manual RCWA gate/padlock access is still in place at the range entrance. In the event of an extended problem with the electronic gate access, the old manual gate access will be returned to use until the electronic gate is repaired. RCWA members will need to use the padlock key with a 7 stamped on it to gain access to the RCWA range. Padlock key 7 also gives you access to the lake facilities beyond the lake gate. A replacement padlock key is $5 if you think you need one.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Range Access Devices
If you need a replacement member range access device,  print the following form and mail it end with a check for the appropriate replacement fees.

RCWA Range Access Device Replacement Form


--------------------     RCWA Membership Processes     --------------------

The number of members at RCWA was limited beginning September 1st, 2017.   A waiting list for new member applications was implemented at that time.  The following are the RCWA processes for managing the RCWA membership process.


Active RCWA Members Annual Renewal Process

Annual RCWA membership renewals are mailed out in May of each year.  Make sure you notify RCWA ( ) if you have had a change of address otherwise you may not get your renewal notice.  The annual RCWA membership dues renewal is currently $125.   Annual membership renewal payments postmarked after June 30 will be considered delinquent and the member will be assessed a late fee of $50 - full payment of the late fee and annual dues must be postmarked prior to 1 August.   Any renewal payments not paid in full by 1 August will result in the associated membership being terminated.   If a previous member wishes to reinstate a terminated membership,  the previous member will have to fill out a Prospective Member Application and wait for notification of an open membership.  At that time the previous member will have to pay the current year's dues plus late fee for each year delinquent ( up to 2 years ) to renew a terminated RCWA membership.

RCWA Membership Application Process

All prospective new RCWA members (excluding the exceptions listed below) and any existing RCWA member who has failed to pay their dues by August 1st of the year due will be required to complete a Prospective Member Application (application and instructions at the bottom of this page) and will be placed on a waiting list for membership.  Applications will be considered for RCWA membership in the order in which the Prospective Member Applications are received.  Note: Applications from previous RCWA members who's membership has been terminated will be processed before applications for totally new prospective members.

The number of slots open for membership will depend on the number of existing RCWA members who fail to renew, which varies from year to year.  Please do not call to inquire concerning the timing of consideration of your application.

Prospective RCWA members will be notified by mail when an opening for membership becomes available and they will have 30 days to submit a properly completed member application (included with the mail notification) along with proper payment. Applications not received within the 30 day period or incomplete applications will not be considered for membership and will be returned.  Note: Proper payment for new prospective members is currently $600 which includes the first year dues. Proper payment for a previous RCWA member is the current year dues (currently $125 ) plus late fees for each year delinquent (up to two years).

Exception #1:  Children of RCWA members may still join at any time by applying between their 18th and 19th birthday by completing the new member application, supplying the requested information on the application and paying the current year’s dues (currently $125).

Exception #2:  The spouse of a member may still join at any time by completing a new member application, supplying the requested information on the application and paying current year’s dues (currently $125).

Please email for the spouse or child's application information.


INSTRUCTIONS.   Please read carefully.    Click on the Prospective Member Application link below for a copy of the form. The Prospective Member Application must be completed in full before it will accepted.  All questions on the application must be answered.  If the item does not apply, please mark it N/A.  Incomplete applications will not be returned.  Completed Prospective Member Applications must be mailed to the address on the top of the form.  DO NOT EMAIL THIS FORM.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN THE REJECTION OF YOUR APPLICATION.

Prospective Member Application