Range Schedule

 General RCWA member range use schedule:  The RCWA Range facilities are available to the RCWA members 365 days a year unless specifically noted otherwise.

No firearms may be discharged before 8 am or after 8:30 pm.  No rifle, shotgun or pistol use before 12 noon on Sundays with the exception of rimfire pistols and rifles in appropriate ranges.

The following quick reference schedule includes all of the annual range event schedules established at the start of each calendar year.  It also includes contact information for the RCWA Range.  It does not include law enforcement uses of Rifle Range 1 and Range 5 since those change during the year.  It also does not include one off events that get approved during the year to use RCWA facilities.  All of the non regular events and/or range facility closures are listed in the Member News page and/or the Range Schedule page except for Shotgun Fields which are listed in the Shotgun Fields page.


RCWA Range Schedule Quick Ref Document



Range Events Schedule

The following are range activities other than regularly scheduled events/matches that my be of interest to members planning on using the range.   Note:  Event schedules for the Shotgun Field facilities are listed under the Shotgun Fields tab and lake camping/nature preserve areas are listed under the Lake tab on the top menu line.


All of these activities are weather dependent and dates may change accordingly !


Feb 26 (Mon) - Feb 27 (Tue)  2024  -  Rimfire Range Closed !

Water management fixes at base of 100 yard berm



Feb 28 (Wed) - Feb 29 (Thr)  2024  -   Range 1 Closed !

Berm repair work on the 100 yard berm.



March 4 (Mon) - March 15 (Fri)  2024   Selective range closures - pay attention !

Water management maintenance. All of the rip rap will be removed from the parking lot drainage ditch and the ditch cleaned out and the rip rap replaced.  This will proceed down the length of the parking lot.  Individual berms in proximity of the work will be closed !  You will be asked to move if in the area when the work moves.



Falling Steel World Series Matches

April 18 - 21     Ranges 7 - 13
Sept. 19 - 22     Ranges 7 - 13

SASS NC State Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting

October 29th thru November 2nd, 2024
Ranges 5 thru 13 will be in use all days for the SASS NC State Championship except for Sunday when they should be open by noon.

Main match competition is Friday (Nov. 1st) and Saturday (Nov. 2nd)


October 31st (Thursday), 2024

Rifle Range 1 will be in use from 10am till 3pm for cowboy long range range rifle/buffalo gun shooting.



ONSP Cowboy Action Shooting Match Details

Matches are on 1st Saturday of the month on Ranges 7-9


USPSA Match Details

Matches are on the 2nd Saturday of the month on Ranges 6-10

Buffalo Rifle

Buffalo Rifle Match Details

Matches are on the 2nd Saturday of the month on Rifle Range 1

4H Clover

CMP High Power Match Details

Matches are on the 3rd Saturday of the month on Rifle Range 1.


4H Hot Shots Shooting Sports Details

Program meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month on Range 5.


CQTAS Match Details

Matches are on the 4th Saturday of the month on Ranges 6-8.

********** Law Enforcement Training **********

RCWA has annual contracts with some of the local law enforcement groups to provide range facilities for staff training.  They currently have contracts with Rowan County Sheriffs Department and the Cleveland Police Department.

Due to special requirements for law enforcement training,  Range 5 and the Rifle Range 1 will be closed to RCWA members at specific times when law enforcement training is occurring.  Please stay away from these range facilities when they are in use by law enforcement.
The detailed law enforcement training schedules will be posted on this web site as they are made available to RCWA.   General law enforcement range use guidelines are posted on Rifle Range 1 and on Range 5.  RCWA members are expected to observe these guidelines when law enforcement personnel are present for training exercises.

Law Enforcement Training Details