Shotgun Fields

----------  Skeet and Trap Shotgun Fields Operations  ----------

The RCWA shotgun fields are open to RCWA Certified Members and their guests. 


RCWA members become Certified Members upon completion of the Shotgun Fields Orientation Class.   All participants in the Shotgun Fields Orientation Class should have a basic understanding of the rules, regulations and field etiquette for participating in skeet and trap activities.   

If you do not have prior skeet and trap experience, take the orientation class and let the instructor know you have no prior skeet or trap experience.    They will provide/recommend someone to walk you through a couple of rounds at their availability (you will need a couple of boxes of shells) to assist in getting you established in proper RCWA shotgun field etiquette and safety expectations.  


The Shotgun Field Orientation Class for RCWA members to become Certified Members are scheduled at 2:00 pm on the following 2023 dates:  April 16, May 21, June 11, July 9, August 13, September 10, October 15, November 12 and December 10. 


  Classes may be scheduled at other times by the SRO staff if circumstances warrant.


Shotgun Field Orientation Classes are held in the RCWA clubhouse. 


The following is a link to the RCWA Shotgun Fields Orientation Class Manual in case you wish to preview or review it.

RCWA Shotgun Fields Orientation Manual


Please contact one of the RCWA Shotgun Range Officers (SRO) members at  [email protected]  to answer any questions you may have about the operation of the RCWA shotgun fields.

----------  5 Stand Shotgun Fields   ----------

The 5 Stand shotgun field is open to Certified Members following an applicable SRO orientation. 

Brandon Holt currently maintains the 5 Stand Field and is happy to give you an introduction in using the 5 Stand field if he is at the range.



----------   Shotgun Fields Operational Schedule   ----------

RCWA Certified Members may use all of the RCWA shotgun fields in accordance with all other RCWA range shooting operations.


----------  2023 RCWA Shotgun Field Matches  ----------


NCSSA Jr State Championships

July 22, 2023



Fall 4 Gun Shoot

November 4 & 5, 2023









---------- RCWA Shotgun Fields Operation Process ----------

RCWA "contracts" out the operation of the RCWA shotgun fields (skeet, trap and 5 stand ) to other parties on a calendar year basis.  The current RCWA shotgun fields operation is contracted out to a group of RCWA members as noted above.  Bids/proposals for operating the RCWA shotgun fields are accepted each fall.  Interested parties should have bids for operating the RCWA shotgun fields for the next calendar year in the hands of the RCWA Board by Nov. 1 for consideration.