Shotgun Fields

----------  Skeet and Trap Shotgun Fields Operations  ----------

The RCWA shotgun fields are now open under a new format  (Eff. 1 March 2022) to all RCWA members and their guests.  The RCWA shotgun fields are operated by an experienced group of RCWA members identified as Shotgun Range Officers (SRO).  Please contact one of the following SRO members about the processes of becoming SRO or CM certified or using the RCWA shotgun facilities.  
Brandon Holt  -  704-903-2352

Donnie Weaver - 704-202-2059

Jeff Edwards  -  704-433-8021

Weekend orientation class times will be available on Saturdays at 10am; 11am and 12pm.   Orientation classes during the week can be scheduled if needed - check with the SRO contacts listed above for times that are available during the week.

Orientation classes should take less than an hour in the RCWA club house. 

----------  5 Stand Shotgun Fields   ----------

The 5 Stand shotgun fields are closed until further notice.

---------  Shotgun Fields Orientation Class and Associated Class Manual  ---------

As noted above the orientation class is currently offered on Saturday mornings at the hours listed.   In addition, classes during the normal range hours during the week can be scheduled.

The following is a link to the RCWA Shotgun Fields Orientation Class Manual in case you wish to preview or review it.

RCWA Shotgun Fields Orientation Manual

Orientation classes should take less than an hour in the RCWA club house. 

----------   Shotgun Fields Schedule   ----------

There are no longer any scheduled days nor hours of operation for the for the RCWA shotgun fields.   RCWA members who are either Shotgun Range Officers (SRO) or Certified Members (CM) (along with their guests) may use the RCWA shotgun fields at any time the RCWA range is open for RCWA members.

As a result of this new operational model, the RCWA shotgun fields are no longer open to the general public.  The RCWA front range gate will no longer be open to the general public for shotgun field access.  Please note that it is a cash only operation for both non-range members and RCWA members.


Shotgun Fields Special Events Impacting Availability

Any scheduled shotgun events/matches or scheduled field maintenance are listed here.  If there is any shotgun fields maintenance (mowing and/or trimming) in progress, the shotgun fields are closed until finished.  Ever attempt is made to keep the mowing and trimming to off hours but it is often controlled by weather impacts and other range priorities at times.   

23 July 2022 -  The 2022 NCSSA Jr. State Skeet Championships.   The RCWA skeet and trap fields will not be available during this match.      Match Flyer



-----------   Shotgun Field Payment Process   ------------

 Skeet and Trap Fields

The skeet and trap fields are currently a cash only payment method.  You will need cash to feed the Briley token machine (installed in the Hub House for the skeet and trap fields ) for purchasing tokens for each round you wish to shoot.  The Briley token machine accepts $5, $10, and $20 bills.


5 Stand Field

To Be determined.




---------- RCWA Shotgun Fields Operation Process ----------

RCWA "contracts" out the operation of the RCWA shotgun fields (skeet, trap and 5 stand ) to other parties on a calendar year basis.  Bids/proposals for operating the RCWA shotgun fields are accepted each fall.  Interested parties should have bids for operating the RCWA shotgun fields for the next calendar year in the hands of the RCWA Board by Nov. 1 for consideration.