Range Procedures

All RCWA members are responsible for knowing and following the RCWA range regulations/procedures at all times when on the RCWA range properties.   The RCWA range regulations are available on the following document:

RCWA Range Manual

Please consider downloading this document and keep a copy with your gear you take to the range.

As a reminder,  it is every RCWA member's responsibility to read and follow all range and safety rules.  Every RCWA member acknowledges each year during the annual membership renewal process that they have read and understand the RCWA Range Manual.   Violations of the rules may result in the suspension of RCWA membership and/or expulsion from the property.

Pending Updates to the RCWA Range Manual Since Last publish Date

    • Bump Fire type stocks and binary triggers systems are not allowed on RCWA range property for any reason.


    • Guests:  Members may bring three guests to the range who are over the age of 19.  In addition, members may also bring their children and/or grandchildren who are under the age of 19 to the range.  The member is responsible for insuring any guests brought to the range are instructed in the safe handling of a firearm prior to shooting.  When a member brings guests to the range only two guests may shoot at a time. The member must not shoot while their guests are shooting.  The guests must not shoot while the member is shooting.  Guests must stay in the same area of the range with the RCWA member during their time at the RCWA range.


    • Training:   Please remember that RCWA members are not allowed to hold any type of training at the range without prior Board of Directors approval.  All group matches, law enforcement training, clinics, events, personal firearms training, concealed carry classes, concealed carry qualification and other activities that occur on RCWA property must have prior approval from the RCWA Board of Directors and must comply with all regulations established by the Board of Directors.


  • Rules concerning unapproved targets and target placement:
      • Unapproved targets are cans, bottles, produce, pallets, lumber, target posts or frames, rocks, ammunition, clay birds (skeet, trap, 5-stand or sporting clays), explosive devices, ground bouncers, wobble type targets, walking/flipping type of targets, or any other targets placed on the ground, or anything that could cause a round to leave the range.
      • DO NOT put targets on top of or on the target frame posts or other wood members holding the wire or on top of or on an eyebrow (eyebrows are located on Ranges #2 - #4 and A – L to keep bullets from leaving the range). Placing targets on these locations is prohibited

RCWA Range Front Gate

The RCWA front gate seems to present some challenges for some members from time to time so the following observations are offered to clarify some of the confusion.

  1. You must use your gray gate badge to swipe the entrance and exit gate readers.  Your colored member badge will not open the RCWA front gate - nor any other range facility.
  2. Repeatedly scanning your gate badge will not make anything happen quicker.  Once you scan your badge and it beeps with a quick green light flash, you are done.  Whatever is going to happen with the gate is already in motion.  Repeatedly swiping your gate badge does not fix anything - in fact in can result in the gate operation shutting down.  An extra swipe or two with no indication of action after several seconds is acceptable.  Just make sure you are close enough to the reader.
  3. Be aware that after a period of time of no front gate activity, the gate control mechanism goes into a sleep mode and will take a bit longer for the next member that uses the front gate.  Be patient !
  4. Every badge swipe on the front gate badge readers is recorded in a log.  So we do know when and who was swiping if we have gate issues we are resolving.  Sometimes an eye witness  recap helps give us some insight into what was occurring when we have problems

In case the electronic front range gate is not operational, the old mechanical gate/padlock will be put back into use.  You will need your #7 key to get in and out of the range if the old mechanical gate/padlock is in use.  So you should always bring your #7 key to the range with you.  We will always try to post online if the old gate/padlock is in use but there could be a delay in getting that information posted.


Emergency Range Access

If you need emergency medical services at the range, call 911 and tell them to respond to the Rowan County Wildlife Association range on Majolica Road.   There is a lockbox at the front gate with a key to open the front gate.  The local fire departments that will respond have the access code for the lockbox.  If you have someone available to go open the front gate, it is advised you send them to speed up the response process and direct the emergency personnel to the correct location on the range.  Remember, the range is a big space and having someone direct them will help reduce the response time..