Range Procedures

All RCWA members are responsible for knowing and following the RCWA range regulations/procedures at all times when on the RCWA range properties.   The RCWA range regulations are available in the following document:

New version as of 29 January 2024 !

RCWA Range Manual

Please consider downloading this document and keep a copy with your gear you take to the range.

As a reminder,  it is every RCWA member's responsibility to read and follow all range and safety rules.  Every RCWA member acknowledges each year during the annual membership renewal process that they have read and understand the RCWA Range Manual.   Violations of the rules may result in the suspension of RCWA membership and/or expulsion from the property.

--------     Reporting Possible Range Maintenance Issues     -------

If you see something on the range that needs some maintenance attention, please use one of the following processes:

Shotgun Field:   E-mail [email protected]

General Range Facilities:   E-mail [email protected]

Reporting possible maintenance issues on Facebook is not recommended since significant numbers of the people involved with range maintenance do not have Facebook accounts.  You are welcone to post it on Facebook but it may not get much attention from the right personnel.

 ------------     RCWA Member Range Access Processes     ------------

All RCWA members should have two badges and a padlock key for use at the range. You will have a colored member badge, a gray gate badge and a padlock key with a number 7 on it.  All three of these items must remain in the possession of the RCWA member.  You cannot "loan" them to family or friends - your range access will be pulled if someone other than you, the member, is in possession of range access items.


RCWA Member Badge
Your member badge is replaced each year when you renew your membership and typically is a new color each year.   Any time you receive your new badge, start using the new badge. Your name is on the membership badge. You are supposed to have your membership on your person in a visible location any time you are on the RCWA range property. So if you cannot find your member badge, you will need to get a replacement ( $15 replacement fee ) to use the RCWA range. You will be asked to show this badge when RCWA Board members are doing range check duties from time to time. You cannot “loan” your member badge to anyone else for their use. If there is any doubt about who is in possession of a member badge on the RCWA range, you will be asked for some picture id to verify so please do not be offended since the RCWA Board members obviously do not recognize large numbers of members. We are simply trying to ensure that those using the range are complying with the usage rules. If you are using range facilities without your member badge, you will be asked to leave until you have it with you.


RCWA Gate Badge
Your RCWA electronic gate badge has one function and that is to get the member into and out of the RCWA range front gate. This gate badge is permanent unless lost ( $35 replacement fee ) or quits working. These gate badges are electronically activated or deactivated at the gate control unit based on the member’s range status. If annual renewal does not occur on schedule, the gate badge is deactivated until any payment is resolved. Any membership suspension results in the gate badge being deactivated.

The RCWA front gate seems to present some challenges for some members from time to time so the following observations are offered to clarify some of the confusion.

    1. You must use your gray gate badge to swipe the entrance and exit gate readers.  Your colored member badge will not open the RCWA front gate - nor any other range facility.
    2. Repeatedly scanning your gate badge will not make anything happen quicker.  Once you scan your badge and it beeps with a quick green light flash, you are done.  Whatever is going to happen with the gate is already in motion.  Repeatedly swiping your gate badge does not fix anything - in fact in can result in the gate operation shutting down.  An extra swipe or two with no indication of action after several seconds is acceptable.  Just make sure you are close enough to the reader.
    3. Be aware that after a period of time of no front gate activity, the gate control mechanism goes into a sleep mode and will take a bit longer for the next member that uses the front gate.  Be patient !
    4. Every badge swipe on the front gate badge readers is recorded in a log.  So we do know when and who was swiping if we have gate issues we are resolving.  Sometimes an eye witness recap helps give us some insight into what was occurring when we have problems

If you arrive at the range and there are vehicles waiting to enter, do not let them follow you in unless they are your guest. Guests should be badged in by the RCWA member who is hosting the guest. On exit from the range, it is okay to allow any vehicles to exit with you.


Padlock Key 7 - Manual RCWA Front Gate Access AND Lake Dam Gate Access
The old manual RCWA gate/padlock access is still in place at the range entrance gate. In the event of an extended problem with the electronic gate access, the old manual padlock gate access will be returned to use until the electronic gate is repaired. RCWA members will need to use the padlock key with a 7 stamped on it to get into and out of the RCWA range if this manual padlock system is in use.  So you should always bring your #7 key to the range with you just in case.  We will always try to post online if the old gate/padlock is in use but there could be a delay in getting that information posted.

To open the old manual padlock entrance gate:  Go around the right side of the gate to the inside of the gate and insert padlock key 7 into the padlock below the T-handle.  After the padlock is open the T-handle can be raised and the gate opened.  Please be sure that the gate is securely relocked before proceeding to the range.

The lake dam gate lock is keyed the same as the range entrance gate padlock.   So padlock key 7 also gives you access to the lake facilities/wildlife area beyond the lake dam gate.   Please be sure to relock this gate each time you go in or come back out.

A replacement padlock key 7 is $10 if you think you need one. 


Replacement of Lost or Damaged Range Access Devices
If you need a replacement member range access device,  print the following form and mail it with a check for the appropriate replacement fees.

RCWA Range Access Device Replacement Form

Emergency Range Access

If you need emergency medical services at the range, call 911 and tell them to respond to the Rowan County Wildlife Association range on Majolica Road.   There is a lockbox at the front gate with a key to open the front gate.  The local fire departments that will respond have the access code for the lockbox.  If you have someone available to go open the front gate, it is advised you send them to speed up the response process and direct the emergency personnel to the correct location on the range.  Remember, the range is a big space and having someone direct them will help reduce the response time..