RCWA Board Info

2023 Board of Directors
Hal Arnette
Bill Belvin
Jeff Edwards
Carlton "Flipper" Harkey
Roger James
Bill Kluttz
Bradley Knott
Jon Lingle
Mike Linville
John Lowe
Frank Phillips
 Mark Pritchard
 John Royer
Patrick Shealy

2023 Officers
President: Roger James 704-431-3784
Vice President: Mike Linville 336-558-9032
Secretary: John Lowe 704-607-1992
Treasurer: Jon Lingle 704-239-0786

The 2023 RCWA Board election was held on 3 Jan 2023 at the RCWA club house.  The following 7 people were elected to serve the next 2 years on the RCWA Board:

Bill Belvin

Roger James

Bill Kluttz

Jon Lingle

John Lowe

Frank Phillips

Patrick Shealy

RCWA Board Member ID

Please note that when at the range that RCWA Board member badges identify them as current RCWA Board members.   So if any question about the identity of anyone identifying as an RCWA Board member, their member badge should indicate such.

Board Meetings

The RCWA Board business meeting is the third Tuesday in each month ( Feb. thru Dec. ) at 7:00pm in the range club house.  The Jan. meeting ( the first Tuesday after Jan. 1) is the annual RCWA Board election meeting and is followed by an RCWA Board business meeting including the newly elected RCWA Board members.

The Board/Member meetings are held quarterly on the final Tuesday in March, June, September and November.  The 2023 Board/Member meetings are on March (28th), June (27th), September (26th) and November (28th).  The meetings will occur at 7:00pm with a meal available ($10).


If interested in the RCWA By-Laws which the RCWA Board follows in conducting club operations, the following link will provide a copy:

RCWA By-Laws



RCWA members should use [email protected] if you have questions and/or suggestions for RCWA Board members.  This e-mail is monitored by the RCWA Board officers.   You are also welcome to contact RCWA Board members directly as well if needed.


Business Partners Contact

RCWA Range business partners should use [email protected] for business related communication with RCWA.  This email is monitored by the RCWA Board officers. You may also contact RCWA Board members directly if needed.



Rowan County Wildlife  Association

PO Box 612

Salisbury, NC  28145



Physical Location of RCWA Range Entrance:

650 Majolica Road

Salisbury, NC  28147

Note:  There is no mail delivery at this address so please quit mailing anything to this address. 
It will not get delivered !