RCWA Board Info

2021 Board of Directors
Hal Arnette
Bill Belvin
Carlton "Flipper" Harkey
Brandon Holt
Mike Holshouser
Roger James
Bill Kluttz
Bradley Knott
Jon Lingle
Mike Linville
John Lowe
Frank Phillips
Jerry Renneker
John Royer

2021 Officers
President: Roger James 704-431-3784
Vice President: Mike Linville 336-558-9032
Secretary: Mike Holshouser 704-202-3821
Treasurer: Jon Lingle 704-239-0786

The 2022 RCWA Board elections will be held on 4 Jan 2022 at the RCWA club house.  Voting will be held from 4pm till 8pm on a drop in basis.   Remember, you must have your RCWA member badge with you in order to vote.  No member badge, no vote ....

The following board positions are up for election:  Hal Arnette, Carlton "Flipper" Carlton, Bradley Knott, Mike Linville, Frank Phillips, Jerry Renneker, John Royer.   If you are interested in running for one of the seven open RCWA Board positions please contact Roger James and let him know.   Candidates for the RCWA Board must be an RCWA member in good standing for at least one year.

So far, the following people have declared as candidates for the seven 2022 open RCWA Board positions:

Mike Linville,  Mark Pritchard,  John Royer


Please note that when at the range that RCWA Board member badges identify them as current RCWA Board members.   So if any question about the identity of anyone identifying as an RCWA Board member, their member badge should indicate such.

Board Meetings

The RCWA Board business meeting is the third Tuesday in each month ( Feb. thru Dec. ) at 7:00pm in the range club house.  The Jan. meeting ( the first Tuesday after Jan. 1) is the annual RCWA Board election meeting and is followed by an RCWA Board business meeting including the newly elected RCWA Board members.
The Board/Member meeting is held the final Tuesday on each month at 7:00pm.  This meeting has been suspended until further notice.   After meetings during the 2021 summer months that included the traditional meal, we had a maximum of 3 attendees at any one of those meetings.  Not a cost effective use of limited RCWA resources.


If interested in the RCWA By-Laws which the RCWA Board follows in conducting club operations, the following link will provide a copy:

RCWA By-Laws


Please email rcwarange@gmail.com if you have questions and/or suggestions for RCWA Board members.  This e-mail is monitored by the RCWA Board officers.